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Welcome to “Rig Riders of Alberta”, an Oilfield Riders Group organization for oilfield motorcycle enthusiasts. We are currently looking for new members who have a desire for open spaces, tight corners and incredible open road adventures! Come join us today!

RigRiders of Alberta is a non-profit oilfield motorcycle enthusiasts organization dedicated to the promotion of a Safe Ride and networking within the oilfield industry.

We always welcome new members.

If you are interested in finding out what the Rig Riders are about, simply attend one of our functions as a guest, come on one of our weekly rides, or join us at one of our member meetings. This will allow you to see what we are about first hand. It will give you the opportunity to meet us, and us to meet you.

Once you have decided that the Rig Riders is a group you would like to be part of, simply fill in an official application for membership. This application will be presented to the Board of Directors for review. Once the Board of Directors has had a chance to review the application, they will notify the applicant with a decision.

As any significant group, the Rig Riders have membership dues and an enforced Charter for its members.


Rig Riders Canada
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